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The Garage is the final frontier of home improvement. Once overlooked by most, the garage has begun achieving the notoriety it deserves. It is the only room of the home visible from the street, an extension of the home storage cabinets and the place where we store some of our most valuable possessions!

Enter Garage STL, Our goal is to provide the highest quality garage finishing and organized storage options available today while continuing the advancement of our industry by researching, developing and delivering top garage products to our discerning clientèle.

Our storage solutions can be found surrounding some of the nicest vehicles in the most affluent subdivisions in America. That does not mean however that they are out of reach to the average garage aficionado.

Please feel free to browse our garage storage and finishing solutions. Then contact a showroom nearest you for an up close and personal experience where you can evaluate our products first hand and gain the valuable insights from our Garage Makeover professionals.

At Garage STL, not only do we offer a showroom experience, we also offer the four required garage product categories needed to offer a complete garage storage and beautification solution custom to your taste and activity passion.

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